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CheddaREvolution Press Release

Mon, April 16 10:36 pm
February 14, 2018
On the seventh anniversary of the Wisconsin Uprising, here’s a valentine for soon-to-be former Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker: Another compilation of protest songs! CheddaREvolution: Songs...

Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising available at Wisconsin college and university libraries

Tue, March 11 1:14 pm
Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising is now available at college and university libraries all over the state. This is part of our on-going efforts at outreach and spreading the word. If you want to check out the CD and see all the beautiful artwork, ask...

Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising Cleans Up At MAMAs

Tue, July 2 12:05 pm
The competition was fierce, but Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising managed to take home some hardware at the Madison Area Music Association awards ceremony last week, winning a MAMA for best compilation album, with Dirty Wings from New York winning...

Praise from great Nashville music label!

Thu, May 31 6:55 pm
Enjoying the music on your Wisconsin Protest Songs disc—congrats for putting together such a cool—meaningful project!

Lori Kampa
Head of Promotion
Dualtone Music
203 North 11th Street Suite B
Nashville, TN 37206


Check Out Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising

Wed, May 23 12:55 pm
Check out “Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising”

I get all sorts of random tips and tidbits sent to my email inbox, and occasionally some of those tips are absolute gems.
This is one of those instances. Earlier this week I...

Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising Hits the Streets

Tue, May 15 2:50 am
Musicians inspired by the Wisconsin Uprising now can share their songs with the masses—for free!
Cheddar Revolution: Songs of Uprising, a compilation CD of homegrown protest songs, has hit the streets and is being given away for...