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The Black Hand

November Criminals band
Non-ironic hiphop polka

November Criminals

The Black Hand

The Black Hand—November Criminals

Music by NTSC and Kevin Christensen
Lyrics by NTSC, Brümeister, Spade One

NTSC, vocals and melodeon
Brümeister, vocals
Spade One, vocals.

Locked in the dragon’s chamber, mortal danger
Strangled by the invisible hand of a stranger
Cock back hammer, release the fire and clamor
Catastrophe of the damned or the Damocles in my hand

Are we ready to do the deed, to move past just cast spittle
You set to grab the hammer, I’m ready to grasp the sickle
What little we have is stolen, our lives amount to tokens
Crushed bones in the spokes of the wheels of brothers Koch and

Locutus of Borg said it—Resistance is futile
Your market brand of black ribbon resistance isn’t useful
Walk a different path, past black and red roses
Like fists clenched and grown in defense of all those hopeless

Fields of free flowers all showered in rose petals
Into that good night we will never go gentle
Remember all the rebels, the prisoners and the martyrs
They fought a long road so we’ve got to get farther.

Now since the fall of the statues man, you got me on blast dude
You over here asking who's the fat dude speaking fat truth
Who went from Battle Royale down from mantle
to sell Start Me Up my saber rattles, you yell

I didn't mention the pressure of a villain adventure
Old people on the streets out here robbing for dentures
And I don't Medicare, as if I ever cared
My doc is a bullet my anesthetic is Evereclear

If you're still with me I got something to say
Hell with medical insurance and the ACA
You're profiting in carnage the American way
But there's people in this room not making livable wage

Forcing evil in the lives of everyone I know
La Cosa Nostra's just a code for the HMO
Holding on the prophets just before we all get so low
Do the dance of death and call it skeleton solo

I wish the real Black Hand would come back from the past
And put Blue Cross Blue Shield out to pasture at last
Free the people from this nation from the roulette wheel
Where in this luxury lottery most will feel the raw deal

Before I pass it off now let me leave you with this
If you think of single payer and you start to get pissed
That no one would be a Doctor without paper in fist
Wipe that spit off your lip and the ring that you kissed

Spade One
My hands are black hands, my ancestors' hands were shackled hands
Working hands from the motherland, loving creating hands, shaking hands
Carry a nation hands, build a nation hands

Now considered dirty hands, gunmen hands,
Begging stealing hands, unfriendly hands, killing hands
Before you I stand with raised hands
Don't shoot me hands in this land now we wear cuffed hands
Still many slave hands

I got brave hands, holding mic and money hands
Black fisted hands, revolutionary hands
Helping hands, all of us or none of us
Hand in hand
Tearing down the wall hands!

November Criminals