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Songs of Resistance

, Whiskey Farm at the Harmony release party
acoustic guitar, activism, hopeful, protest folk, upbeat

The Whiskey Farm

Songs of Resistance

Songs of Resistance: This is a call to action for all people who believe in the power of protest and peaceful opposition.

Songs of Resistance—Whiskey Farm

Lyrics by Jason Horowitz, music by The Whiskey Farm (Jason Horowitz, Brett Wilfrid, Chantelle Thomas, Matt Brown, and Mike Steen)

Jason Horowitz, guitar, harmonica, vocals
Brett Wilfrid, mandolin, electric guitar, vocals
Chantelle Thomas, vocals
Mike Steen, bass
Matt Brown, drums.

Locked away
High in a golden tower
The smiling wolves
Are making secret plans
All of us
Can be speaking truth to power
All of us
Have a way to make a stand

We’re singing songs of resistance
Songs of hope
We pick each other up with our persistence
Every day we find new ways to cope
We’re gonna march and write letters
We’re gonna raise our voice
We’re gonna work to make it better
We’re gonna show that there’s another choice

We know
No person is illegal
We know
That love belongs to all
We know
The poor are our brothers and sisters
We know
Even the loudest tyrants fall


In every dark time in our history
There were people who’d rise up singing
We’re standing downstream from Pete and Woody
Catching the spirit that they’d be bringing
The situation’s scary
And we know the odds are long
But maybe at the right time
If we’re all singing the right song

The Whiskey Farm